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Small Laboratory Filter press
Small Laboratory Filter Press

When the characteristics and filtering properties of the fluid to be filtered are not known and it is necessary to carry out preliminary tests before identifying the best type of machine, an excellent solution is to build a small laboratory filterpress which acts as a pilot filtration plant.

On this equipment it is possible to carry out as many filtration tests as desired, changing all the variables involved.
By using a pilot filter press, all the necessary parameters can be determined easily.

The purpose of using a micro laboratory  filterpress is also to investigate new methods of treating the fluid to be filtered, and to do this it is necessary to use a filtration station that can take advantage of all the accessories that can be found on industrial scale machines.

Small Laboratory Filter Press
Small Laboratory Filter Press Sony DSC


On the basis of the experimental results obtained, the filtration properties of the suspension are evaluated and the representative results are transferred to industrial scale with a regular production filter press.
These devices are ideal not only for laboratories or research and development departments, but also for companies with very small productions.

The LAB200 series pilot laboratory filterpress is a miniature industrial machine which is able to perform the same operations as larger machines.

For Example, in this kind of mini-filterpress you can perform:

-core blowing and core washing

-cake blowing and cake washing

membrane squeezing


Moreover, the micro-filterpresses models presented here can be supplied in various versions, depending on the customer’s needs, up to the most complete version with all the auxiliaries present to speed up all operations and make the same unit independent.

They can be customised in terms of the number of plates installed (total filtering volume and total filtering surface area), plates material and construction material of the filterpress. In addition, various auxiliary systems can be mounted to create truly independent filtration stations.



all the details that make the difference

Don’t make the classic mistakes that may people make in these cases: in fact, it is often not considered that in order to have a truly complete dewatering station, it is necessary to also have:

PILOT FILTERPRESS supplied by Autemi, represent the ideal solution to dewater small quantity of sludge.

The filterpress station LAB200 is not a simple stand-alone laboratory filterpress, but can be supplied also in a real pilot plant to study a concrete application for a high-fidelity scale-up to an industrial solution.

Moreover, this series of pilot filterpresses can be used to dewater also difficult slurries because these units install all the features we have in a full automatic industrial filterpress.


pilot filterpress station
filterpress cake 12 1
filterpress cake 10 1
filterpress cake 8 1
filterpress cake 6 1
filterpress cake 13 1
filterpress cake 5 1

Efficient sludge and turbid liquid treatment are crucial components in various industrial sectors, ranging from food and chemical processes to water treatment and the study of innovative materials that require a solid-liquid separation during the production process.

Confronting the challenge of dewatering sludge to obtain the driest possible filter cake necessitates the use of advanced tools.

In this context, the “LAB200” pilot filter press emerges as an innovative solution for testing a wide range of sludges and turbid substances, allowing for precise determination of the necessary filtration parameters.

The "LAB200" Pilot Filter Press: Versatility and Precision

The “LAB200” pilot filter press offers a flexible approach to sludge analysis, successfully handling a wide range of materials.

This versatility is crucial for businesses operating in diversified sectors, facing challenges related to the variable nature of the materials to be treated.

The ability to test different types of sludge provides operators with the flexibility needed to manage complex filtration processes.

Thanks to its adaptability to various types of sludge, the device can provide detailed data on optimal filtration to minimize the moisture content in the filter cake.

The “LAB200” pilot filter press represents a significant advancement in optimizing sludge dehydration processes. Its flexibility, coupled with the determination of filtration parameters, makes it an indispensable tool for industries aiming to enhance operational efficiency and address continuously evolving environmental challenges.

The implementation of this technology not only provides a competitive advantage to companies but also contributes to global sustainability by reducing waste and improving energy efficiency.

Explore the capabilities of the “LAB200” filter press for effective filtration solutions in your industry, optimizing processes and achieving environmentally friendly results.

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filterpress cake 1 1
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In order to meet the requirements of the majority of customers, both in terms of budget and functionality, we have prepared different versions of our LAB200 series dewatering stations. These versions can be customized in terms of number of installed plates and in terms of construction materials.
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