Stand Alone Filterpress

LAB200 SA 3 PhotoRoom

This is the basic versions of the laboratory filterpress produced by Autemi.

Is a stand alone mini filterpress without any other devices.

Customer must provide himself high pressure feeding pump, sludge tank and agitator and all the necessary other devices to run a complete filtration.

Closing of the plates is provided by an hydraulic cylinder equipped with hydraulic unit and manual pump actuated by a lever by the user.

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LAB200-SA pilot filterpress, can mount from 3 to 15 filtering plates.

Materials available: Polypropylene, AISI 304, AISI 316.

Filtering volume depends on the selected materials

membrane plate


Configuration of Filtering Plates Filtration Area Total Filtering Volume

Click on the icon to be redirected to a specific page where you will be able to understand the filtering volumes, the filtering areas and how to compose your filter pack to obtain the desired performances.

The LAB200 series of pilot filterpress unit can be customized in terms of n° of installed plates and materials.


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