LAB200 TRAVEL Model 1

Portable Laboratory Filterpress

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This is the simplest and most economical version of the entire range of laboratory filter presses built by Autemi.
The name “LAB200-TRAVEL” comes from the fact that the unit is compact and lightweight and is designed to be transported.

It is the ideal solution when the equipment needs to be easily and quickly transported to the site where dehydration tests are to be carried out.
In fact, this compact and lightweight unit makes it possible to carry out all the essential tests to evaluate the dewatering of the sludge or product to be filtered.

It can be supplied with 2 or 3 recessed plates or with 2 recessed plates and a membrane plate, to also evaluate the efficiency of dewatering with a membrane squeezing system.


The unit consists of two counterplates that compress the filter plates inside which precisely pressure filtration takes place.

The maximum filtration pressure is 15 bar.
The counterplates that hold the filter plates together during filtration are bound together by 4 threaded connections that must be unfastened to allow extraction of the dewatered cake.

This solution minimizes the footprint of the filter unit, which proves to be an ideal solution for transportation or for installation in very tight spaces.

The conformation of the filter plate is the same as that found on large industrial filter presses, so it is possible to perform reliable analysis in terms of real dewatering.


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Manual Piston Pump - DEDRA.M

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To carry out filtration tests directly at the installation site on which you want to conduct the tests, you must of course provide a pressure supply of the fluid or sludge you want to test inside the filter press itself.

This task requires a pump that is capable of applying a pressure of at least 12 to 15 bar for the filtration process to take place properly and for the cake to form correctly.

To do this, we have developed a hand pump that is based on the design features that can be found on industrial piston pumps.
The advantage of this pump is that, being manual, it does not require precisely any kind of external power supply, neither pneumatic nor electric.

This is a major advantage when no external power source is available at the installation site.

In addition, due to its small weight and size, it can be easily and quickly transported to the site where filtration tests need to be performed.
At the same time it is perfect for those laboratory installations where installation space is limited.

The advantage of not requiring any kind of power supply makes it ideal to be used anywhere in combination with the LAB200-TRAVEL transportable pilot filter press.

In all those cases where quick filtration tests need to be carried out, even in very remote, poorly serviced and hard-to-reach locations, the LAB200-TRAVEL filter press and DEDRA.M manual piston pump combo is the best solution to obtain valid dewatering results for sludge or industrial liquids.

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Configuration of Filtering Plates Filtration Area Total Filtering Volume

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The LAB200 series of pilot filterpress unit can be customized in terms of n° of installed plates and materials.


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